A Demonstration

by Source & Flow

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This is a 3-song demo by Source & Flow. Multiple full lengths are written and will be recorded at a later time.


released June 13, 2016

All music and words written and recorded by Alexander Haddad



all rights reserved


Source & Flow California

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Track Name: Stay Well
Instantly, my mind comes free
Echoes in the hallow, at last I'm being
Vividly, my eyes can see
In the moor of green, my eyes believe

Painted in the womb
A dreamer in tears
A face appears and I can't believe my life
Waking up is doomed and sleep is the tomb
I know I'm lost, but all is well

Evoke a thought on a purple night
Lift off into a distant sky
Clouded dreams in limerence
In the fog of green, there is love to be seen

Black holes consume the light they kill
Stay well my friend, be well
Track Name: Mausoleum of the Mercurian
I saw her burn, her skin the stars
I begged her why, she said to forget
In the haze filled sky, there smiled an old friend
In the jovian flames, a timeless face remains

I must ask, can you hear me when I speak up to the light?
There are times that I wonder if I'll wake to see the day
But I'm not ready now
No, I'm not leaving now
Where have you gone kind one?
Down in the water, she sways

I took a breath, and you were told
I blinked my eyes, and you were now bald
She turned the knob, the wind let her in
In the midst of May, the sun reflects your face

A song for God, a song for love
A melody to soar above the hilltop under pink skies
Death sits on my windowsill, I look to see if they've returned
The old tree looks back and it weeps the same
The air was still, our hands were young
Your laugh boomed to infinite
And it all seems so strange
That it's grey where it once was gold
Track Name: Shadow People
Lies come through in distant truth
I've always tried to speak to you
No one hears because no one is hear
I want your love, something to feel

When your shadow burns
This illusion will come to tell

Within this golden light
There are things that escape sight
There are those who can not feel
What is life is all is not real

There are killers who reach the sky
There are demons in the heart of the eye
There are murderers who'll tempt you with love
And it seems there is an absence above

She came to me when I was dead...
...well after all everyone needs a friend
Destined forth I took her hand
Into the dark, my passion fled

I've seen what lies on the other side
Trust the word, it will leave you...

They'll hold you
They'll love you
Shadow people

Within this golden light
There are things that escape sight
There are those who can not feel
What is life is all is not real